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The Incredible Booth has teamed up with our partners from My Photo Booth Experience.

We have been working with My Photo Booth Experience for the last 5 years and developed a close professional relationship. My Photo Booth Experience operates their business from the same offices as us and working in tandem has bought great insight to both companies.

For all your hire requirements please fill out the brief contact form below, once completed you will be redirected to their website and booking process. If you wish to view their services just click the link My Photo Booth Experience.


Kids and preschoolers

The built-in animations and fun games can keep the youngsters entertained, they are free to draw their favorite cartoons on the pictures and keep the photo forever. This makes a good family-bonding game too!



Mirror+ is the perfect tool to open a conversation with your potential customers, the interactive games are hype builder at the event. It is also excellent in capturing the biggest moments in their lives like wedding.



Apart from all the photo-making features, the soundtrack syncing feature will ‘wow’ the adolescents. They can choose their favorite soundtracks and sync them in the videos they made. They can also share their photos or videos with friends on different social media platforms!



The outlook of Mirror+ makes it more easy to be accepted by seniors as it appears to be no difference than any other ordinary mirrors. It is also very easy to manage, with the large screen (65” mirror), seniors can read the simple instruction very easily, which is more appealing than following the steps on a small screen, the voice-over also makes the photo-taking procedure more direct and easy-to-understand for the seniors.




Event Entertainment

We offer customized templates with your logo and messages on each photo printed, it is the best way to promote your brand!


Wow your guests by renting the Mirror+, the innovative and interactive photo booth! Perfect for corporate events, weddings, product launches and more!


Sharing Memories

With Mirror+, you can capture all the fun and memorable moments on your big day and free to share them with your family and friends in person or through different social media platforms.

Safe and Easy Setup Procedures

。The Mirror+ takes one person to finish the whole setup process in only 10 minutes.
。High-tech quality glass passed safety test to make ensure glass remains intact during transportation, setup or under strong force.

Customize Your Own Booth
(animation and personal signing)

。Supports loading custom animations or static images
。Photo signing and stamping are also included
。Free to change photo mode and add filter.

Printing Options

。The highest possible photograph quality is ensured, use of DNP RX-1 and DS 620A.
。All photographs are automatically transferred for an immediate print.
。Support any print size that your printer supports, including 6×2, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 (both vertical & horizontal).
。Compatible with any printers of your choice.

Video Recording Feature

Supports video recording and syncing vof soundtrack into the videos

Voice Over

。All animations include professionally recorded voice-overs
。Once the Mirror+ senses movement., it will show welcoming greetings and invite the passerby to take pictures with it.
。Mirror+’s animations attract a wide array of populations with different language options to choose from, including Chinese, English, German, Spanish and many more.

Green Screen and Kinect Background Removal Feature

。The Green Screen feature uses precise and accurate chroma keying to provide guests with the ultimate experience in special effects.
。Kinect isolates the user’s body from the rest of the location and replaces it with the desired background, perfect for those who don’t have green screen nearby.

Games and Apps

。Built-in games including screaming contest and tic-tac-toe for extra entertainment. 。You can also customize your own games and apps according your own needs. The games will make you pose interestingly and take photos as a winner or even a loser! Photos can be shared online right away!

200+ Built-in, Premium Animations

。Numerous graphics and emojis are ready-to-use, tailored to specific events.
。A variety of different languages supported

Custom Workflow Builder

You can customize your own series of animations and camera shots to run at your event in your preferred sequence, or you can simple choose from one of our predefined workflows.

Sharing Options

。Built-in email sharing option is included.
。You can also explore the social media integration platforms available to store, host, or access to the data captured.
。You can get back all the digital copy of the photos of the day!




Share your joy of wedding with family and friends by capturing every moment on your big day! You can personalize the frame and messages about your wedding and add related animations or images on the photos! What’s more, you can record your own welcoming video and put it in Mirror+ to greet your guest to make your wedding more interactive and warm!

Bridal Shower

It is the very last wild day before you become a Mrs., so why not put this moment into photo frames and share them with your fiancé and future kids? With Mirror+, you can play interactive games and write messages with your girls! These are memories to keep!


Baby Shower

Babies grow so fast and you don’t want to miss any moments of them, rent Mirror+ for your baby shower and capture every joy and happiness of your family and friends with your baby, we have the perfect animations for kids and they will love it!


100 Days

Babies grow so fast and you don’t want to miss any moments of them, rent Mirror+ for your 100 days party to capture every joy and happiness of your family and friends with your baby, we have the perfect animations for kids and they will love it!


Gender Renewal Party

Is it a boy or girl? Make your guest by selecting custom frame or draw your pick of gender on the photo, make gender renewal more interesting!


Product Launching Event

Want to leave a strong impression to your guests? Bring them home photos from Mirror+ with your logo and messages, they won’t forget the joyful day spent with your brand!

Mirror+ is perfect for_01

Interactive Attraction to Your Company

Whether you’re owning a coffee shop, hotel or theme park, Mirror+ can amaze your guests with experiences that they haven’t seen before, add your custom logo and frame to promote your company, they’re going to love the pictures!

Mirror+ is perfect for_02

Corporate Award Ceremony

With Mirror+, the award-winners can capture the day of their life and share the joy with their family and friends, they can even write and draw on their photos!

Mirror+ is perfect for_03

School Prom/Graduation Day

With Mirror+, students can take funny photos with classmates and friends, the photos on the biggest day for students are to be kept forever, and with Mirror+, you can choose different emoji and signature, you can even choose your favorite filter to make sure the picture looks on point!

Mirror+ is perfect for_04


Mirror+ will add interactive entertainment to the carnival, while some are too scared of roller coaster and too bored of Merry-go-round, everyone will love to take pictures to capture the happy moments there!

Mirror+ is perfect for_05

Flee Market

Show your joy of the massive sales in flee market and capture it with Mirror+, customers can be attracted by Mirror+ and boost your sales! Play, laugh and take photos with customers to leave a long-lasting impression.


WEMEMBER LTD. provides one-step service of event planning, production and management for different brands and companies in Hong Kong. Our team is composed of full-time expertise in delivering the promotion messages to the target audiences and coordinating the events, ranging from community events to large-scale corporate events. We uphold the highest standard and strike for perfection in every event we provide to our clients.


Provide the date and venue of the event
Choose from our packages
Make a 5% deposit by online payment to reserve the date and time. We will collect 15% of the fee within 7 days after booking, and the remaining 80% at the event day.
Confirm your booking after deposit and provide the contact information of the person-in-charge of the event
To discuss the edition of frame, workflow and more, you will be invited to visit our company and try Mirror+ in person.
Before the event date, you will receive a confirmation SMS/email.
Our own delivery team will deliver your Mirror+ with care and on time.
During the event, our professional technician is there to set up the booth and help with any technical problems.
Enjoy your time with your guests with Mirror+!
To ensure the right and benefit of our customers and us, we offer compensation policy upon confirmed booking. We own more than two Mirror+ at office and in case of any accidents including hardware/software breakdown, weather condition or other possible accidents, you are free to choose another product or get a refund. Customers’ own human negligence will not be included for the compensation policy. You’re most welcome to visit our office to try Mirror+ and to our staff are pleasure to answer all your questions or doubts about Mirror+.

To make an appointment to see the demonstration of Mirror+, please contact us

Why is Mirror+


Complicated Procedure
Easy to use
(Simple procedures with prompt)
Complicated procedure
Light and thin, easy to transit
(Simple procedures with prompt)
Photo booth size
Very bulky
DNP RX-1, DS 620A
Support any print size
(including 6×2, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6)
Print size
2×6 or 6×4
Faster print speed (8.9 seconds)
Print speed
Easy to use
(Simple procedures with prompt)
Complicated procedure
Free to choose the number of copies for each photo
Number of photo copies
Only one photo at a time
DSLR D77 camera (Higher revolution)
Camera used
T5-87000 / T7-67000
Computer used
Easy to share via email/ social media platforms
Online sharing
Email/ social media platforms
GIF and Video saving from photos
GIF and Video saving from photos
Green screen support/Kinect background removal feature
Movement and gesture detection
Built-in animations
Voice over
Support custom animation and static
Built-in/custom interactive Games and Apps
Guests can choose to print only the perfect shoot
Photo retake feature
Flexible, built-in/custom
Built-in only
Custom layout designer
Fixed layout
Professional Flashlights 400W (Indoor), 600W (Outdoor)
Multilingual support (Chinese, English, Spanish and more)
Chinese or English
Whole body
To the chest at most


Victoria Pearl│North Point
C&MA Church Union Tseung Kwan O Alliance Kindergarten
Hong Kong Jockey Club│Happy Valley Racecourse
Royal Courtyard│The One
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel


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